Baba 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


Dissolve yeast in a little warm milk and potato with a little flour, just enough to make a ball that you to rise in the oven just declined.

When this dough will have doubled its volume, after about half an hour, add the rest of ingredients, working fine, and then pour the paste thus obtained into a mold from Baba that you previously anointed.

Wait until the yeast Baba a second time and then infornatelo in the oven quite hot that you do not open earlier because the sweet do not take air.

It is cooked when inserting a stick the ritrarrete dry.

While Babas bake prepare the syrup by dissolving sugar in water over the fire and cook until, took a drop between forefinger and thumb, does not begin to spin.

When will almost go cold in the rum.

With the syrup, using a ladle, wet hot Babas and repeat from time to time the bathroom picking up the liquid that has collected on the bottom of the plate on which you supported.

The Baba is usually accompanied by a cream or fruit that you put into the void at the Center.

An excellent accompaniment can consist of cream and strawberries or a fruit salad, with or without cream.

You can join only a custard or cream or a marsala zabaglione.


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Ingredients and dosing for 4 persons


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