Baba '

Baba '
Baba ' 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


6 PEOPLE INGREDIENTS 200 g flour 10 g yeast, a glass, 3 eggs, 100 g butter, 30 g sugar, 30 g of raisins, 40 g of raisins, salt.

For the syrup: 40 g of sugar, water, 2 small glasses of rum.

PROCEEDINGS in the well of flour (keep a little aside) put a pinch of salt and then dilute yeast with warm milk, add a little flour, add the eggs and slowly worked well together the ingredients.

When you have a homogeneous paste and smooth, let it rest and rise.

Must nearly double the volume.

Meanwhile, soften the butter with a couple of tablespoons of flour.

Add it to the dough, add the sugar, mix the mixture, put the raisins by working with their hands for it.

Grease a mould in corona with the hole in the middle and pour the dough filling it only half way.

Let rise again until the volume of the mixture is doubled.

Bake in hot oven for about 20 minutes.

The Baba is to become a beautiful golden brown color.

Let cool then put.

Meanwhile, prepared with little more than half a glass of water and 40 g sugar syrup that you will let boil for a few minutes and add to the rum.

Pour over the Baba rum syrup so that remains well soaked.

Baba '


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