Pabassinas 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


The doses are for 70 ' pabassinas '.

Sift the flour on the work surface, the fountain, add a pinch of salt, sugar, and butter in small pieces, the two egg yolks; knead the dough just the barest necessary to mix the ingredients, then take a ball, wrap it in wax paper and place it in the refrigerator.

Place in warm water to soften the raisins.

Scalded in boiling water the walnuts and almonds, then Peel and chop.

When the dough has rested for about half an hour then the chopped nuts and raisins well squeezed and dried; roll out the dough with a rolling pin with a browse 1 cm high and made with a pastry cutter, many small diamonds, placing them mano a mano in a plate covered with almond flour.

When the move is complete plate in the oven already warm to 150 degrees, by baking cookies for about 20 minutes, then put them on a wire rack, covered with a cloth and let them cool.

Ultimate all the pasta as already indicated.

Prepare the glaze by putting in a bowl with confectioners sugar 75 g of water; place it on the fire and let it dissolve, then using a fork dive one by one the ' pabassinas ', by clothing them, place them back on the plate again with powdered almond flour and toss them in the oven at low heat (50° c) to dry (just 30 minutes).


Calories calculation

Calories amount per person:


Ingredients and dosing for 6 persons


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