Ice cream in marsala sauce

Ice cream in marsala sauce
Ice cream in marsala sauce 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


Pour the milk (a l and a fourth, less a glass that will keep apart) in a saucepan, add a cinnamon stick and put it on the fire.

Put 10 egg yolks in a bowl, two and a half bags of vanillin and 500 g sugar: beat well with a small whisk, then add, a little at a time, before the milk cold, then hot one (having risen the cinnamon stick), then pour the custard into the Bowl where he boiled milk.

Place it back on the stove, and, stirring constantly, let him until the cream is to lift the boil.

Then remove from heat, strain, and pour into a bowl; Join wine 375 g and mix it well, then let cool the mixture, mixing it up often.

When the cream will be well mounted 500 g cold cream and incorporatevela, then pour the preparation in the ice cream maker and let it freeze.

Place in the refrigerator the 15 bowls that you will need for the ice cream.

About 15 minutes before serving, place in a pan 5 egg yolks and sugar, 125 g sbatteteli thoroughly with a whisk until frothy and mounted them to perfection, then join wine 375 g, incorporandovelo to tablespoons and adding the following if the first has not been well mixed.

Place the pan on low heat and, stirring constantly, let him until the cream will become very swollen and whipped.

Pour the custard into two or three gravy boats, hot.

Spread the ice cream into bowls, decorate with rolled wafers from ice cream, shedding four to each bowl, and serve immediately with cream.

Ice cream in marsala sauce

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