Kalitsounia-Crete's Scones

Kalitsounia-Crete's Scones
Kalitsounia-Crete's Scones 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


The Kalitsounia Sitia are typical Easter pastries.

Dilute yeast in lukewarm milk; Add a little flour and leave the dough to rise. Meanwhile, pour the oil into a bowl and mix it with sugar. Add the beaten eggs and mix. Works on all. Add the remaining flour and continue to knead. Leave to rise while preparing the filling by mixing all ingredients well.

Lay the sheets of half inch thick; size of the circles the size of a saucer. Put the filling in the middle of each shape. The leavened shorts are usually square in shape, close the Browse by taking the two ends and taking them toward the Center; do the same with the other two ends so you get a parcel. Leave to rise for a few hours; brush with a beaten egg with a little lemon juice; You anoint cinnamon and cook in the oven, leaving Brown.

Kalitsounia-crete's scones

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