Fruit and chocolate crumble

Fruit and chocolate crumble
Fruit and chocolate crumble 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


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2_17916 FRUIT CRUMBLE and chocolate INGREDIENTS for 4 PERSONS 200 g of dark chocolate, 200 g of flour, 100 g of butter, 75 g sugar, 50 g peeled walnuts, pears, 2 2 bananas, 1/2 pineapple, 120 g of dried apricots. Preheat oven to 200° With a knife and coarsely chopped chocolate. In a bowl, pour the flour, sugar and butter in small pieces: knead the mixture with your fingertips, until the mixture is grainy. Add the chopped chocolate and mix. Wash pears, peel them and cut them into cubes. Clean the pineapple, remove the core and cut the flesh into chunks. Coarsely chopped dried apricots. Split the prepared fruit bowls for baking; settle over sliced bananas and chopped walnuts. Cover with the mixture prepared above and Bake 30 minutes, until it will be golden. When cooked, remove from oven, let cool and, if you wish, you can serve with the cream.

Fruit and chocolate crumble


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