Karol cocktail

Karol cocktail
Karol cocktail 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


A21005 MATAI LONG DRINKS INGREDIENTS for 4 PEOPLE 30% of 30% of Bacardi, Remy Martin, 30% of Cordial Campari, 10% of Galliano, 40 g of pineapple juice, 40 g of grapefruit juice, 1 orange slice 1 field floret wrapped in aluminum foil to avoid altering the taste of Matai.

PROCEDURE prepares in the tumbler or a tumbler with some ice cubes by pouring the ingredients in the order listed.

KAROL COCKTAIL INGREDIENTS for 4 PEOPLE 3/5 of vodka Moscowskaia, 1/5 of Cordial Campari, 1/5 Banana cream, 1 tsp Shakeman gelato al limone, 1 splash of rose syrup Balogun.

PROCEEDING this cocktail won the 1982 national Aibes (the Association that gathers the ' lite of the Italian barman).

Prepares in a shaker with ice cubes spilling all ingredients except rose syrup, which will be added after pouring the mixture in cocktail glass.

Karol cocktail


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