Duck breast with grapes 2

Duck breast with grapes 2
Duck breast with grapes 2 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


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09926 duck breast with FIGS INGREDIENTS for 4 people: 2 duck breasts, 500 g of figs, a box of cream, 100 ml of cognac, a die for meat broth, a spoonful of mustard, salt and black pepper.

Make a cross-shaped incision in the skin of the duck and season with plenty of salt and pepper.

Wash the figs and cut them in half.

Place the duck breast in a pan skin side and let them cook for 8 minutes on medium heat.

Turn your chest and let still 2 minutes.

Remove the fat that has formed from the Pan, add the figs and cognac, and flame.

Remove the duck breasts and cut them into slices.

Add the cream into the Pan, the nut for broth and mustard.

Cook the sauce over low heat to reduce it by half.

Put the duck breasts sliced and heated before serving.

Tips: The breast of duck heats up lightly with the sauce for a few seconds, just long enough to avoid that hardens.

Other way is to warm the sauce and pour it over the duck breast cut into slices.

Duck breast with grapes 2


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