Turkey stuffing 02

Turkey stuffing 02
Turkey stuffing 02 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


09271 TURKEY STUFFING ingredients: a Turkey, 250 g of lean pork meat; 250 g of veal; 50 g ham; 100 g of pork fat; 3 grated apples; a cup of cognac.

an egg; salt, pepper, nutmeg Clean the Turkey a few hours before: spuntategli wings with scissors and pass on gas flame for bruciacchiare residues of feathers.

Hold the Turkey with both hands, wash it under running water, inside and outside the.

Dry with a paper towel inside.

Pour in the cognac, trying to make it absorb from the flesh at all points.

Keep it in the refrigerator and sometimes voltatelo and soak with his liquid.

Chop the two meats and the ham and when done with grated apples (use the coarse side of grater) and the egg.

Fill the Turkey with the stuffing from the neck opening with the help of a spoon; the filling must be distributed evenly, without empty spaces, but should not completely fill the chicken, would not otherwise be able to sew the opening.

Close piegandovi on the skin, which must lean on the back of the bird.

Try to fold the skin gently, without pull, otherwise it may break.

Sew the skin folded on the back, using a needle to eye big and white thread.

Sew with needle and thread the lower opening.

Fill the Turkey, tie it e arrostitelo seasoning with salt, pepper and nutmeg, coated pork fat.

place it above the oven and Grill under stand the plate with water to collect cooking fat.

Cook on moderate fire until it is tender and Golden (50 minutes are calculated per kg.).

When sprinkling it with its own gravy.

Turkey stuffing 02


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