Salmon with fennel and aniseed sauce

Salmon with fennel and aniseed sauce
Salmon with fennel and aniseed sauce 5 1 Stefano Moraschini
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2_07279 SALMON with fennel and Aniseed SAUCE INGREDIENTS for 4 PEOPLE (800 g) 4 slices of salmon, a large fennel (350 g) 4 tablespoons butter, half a glass of dry white Vermouth, half fish, nut 2 tablespoons star anise fruit, a tablespoon of liqueur to anise, 1 tablespoon flour, salt and white pepper. Preparation: 20 minutes cooking time: 16 minutes Easy Put in a bowl the fruits of anise with vermouth. Private tuna slices of skin, bones and fat, and with the help of tweezers remove the small bones; wash and dry. Roll up the slices of salmon on themselves, forming four layers and keep them with cocktail sticks. Clean the fennel stalks and remove hard leaves (the green leaves for the sauce) divide them into four wedges, wash and dry; then cut the cloves into slices 2/3 vertical mm thick. Arrange the fennel slices on plate lined with parchment paper, lean over the salmon, add salt, pepper, add half the butter to bows, add the vermouth with the fruits of anise and a glass of boiling water where you loose the nut. Cover the plate with aluminum and sealed well. Place in the oven already warm (200°) and cook in the oven 15 minutes. Transfer fennel and salmon on four individual plates and keep them warm. Strain the cooking of the fish in a pan, using the colander. Add the liquor to the anise and bring to a boil. Knead in the Bowl the remaining butter with the flour, using a fork. Pour the butter in saucepan, stirring rapidly with a wooden spoon, add salt, pepper and add the fennel leaves, washed, dried and cut into small pieces with scissors. Pour the sauce on the plates, around the salmon, supplemented by some star anise fruit and serve immediately.

Salmon with fennel and aniseed sauce


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