Cabbage pudding 2

Cabbage pudding 2
Cabbage pudding 2 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


01166 CABBAGE PUDDING INGREDIENTS for 4 PEOPLE 1 cabbage; 100 g of lean cooked ham; 2 chicken breasts; 3 eggs; 8 tablespoons of powdered milk; 1 can of tomato sauce; oil; salt and pepper; Clean the cabbage and cut it into slices, bollitelo for 30 minutes in salted water, drain it.

Season with salt and pepper the chicken breasts, then cut them into pieces arrostiteli.

In a little oil fry the ham cut into slices, add the chicken and cabbage then FRY for a few minutes.

Remove from heat and stir the beaten eggs and stir in milk, salt and pepatè.

Pour the dough into a rectangular mold and bake in the oven, Bain-Marie, for 45 minutes.

Drafted and serve topped with the tomato sauce.

Cabbage pudding 2


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