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Vincisgrassi, so in Macerata call lasagna.

The strange name comes from that of a (Italianized) Austrian General who, after a stay in the marches, became such a fan of the cuisine of this region, who did not wish to give it up and forced her to ' adopt ' Cook.

This is a hearty dish that, in some areas, undergoes slight variations: for example, sweetbread and brains are often replaced with minced meat, but is widespread even the recipe that adds fresh mushrooms with meat sauce.

Finally today, to save time, is spreading the habit of using traditional lasagne.

What we propose is the authentic recipe, you have the choice of any changes or substitutions.

Prepare a batter with flour, semolina, 5 eggs, 50 g of melted butter, a pinch of salt and vin santo.

Knead vigorously and at length; When the dough is smooth and firm, roll out the dough into a thin sheet.

Cut 10 centimeters wide, lasagna and long as the baking tray to contain them.

Let them boil as usual, a few at a time, in boiling salted water to which you've added a tablespoon of oil.

Drain one by one and put them to dry on a cloth moistened.

Meanwhile, prepare the sauce.

Take a beating with the fat of the ham and put to fry in a pan with 40 g of butter, a half carrot and a slice of onion.

Saute vegetables, delete them and add the chicken ingredients (no livers).

Wet with white wine and just evaporated, pour the tomato paste previously diluted with a ladle of hot broth.

Add salt and pepper, put the lid on and cook a couple hours gentle heat, stirring with a wooden spoon and incorporating every now and then a spoonful of milk.

Meanwhile scalded in boiling salted water the sweetbread, brains and veins, drain, cut into cubes and blend sauce half an hour before the end of cooking.

Add salt.

When the meat is almost cooked, add the chicken livers reduced to small pieces.

Meanwhile, prepare the béchamel sauce.

Blend half a litre of milk with 50 g of flour.

Melt 50 g of butter in a saucepan, pour in the puree and simmer the sauce for 5 minutes, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.

Add salt, pepatela and aromatizzatela with nutmeg.

Grease the baking dish, cover bottom with lasagna, spread them with a bit of bechamel sauce, sprinkle of Parmesan, add the meat sauce and some butter.

overlay other lasagne and repeat until you run out of ingredients.

Finish with a layer of lasagne and let stand for 6 hours in a cool place.

After this time, turn on the oven and when it is hot (2000), bake the lasagna that you Grill for about 20 minutes.


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