Saadat 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


With onion, oil and tomato sauce prepared.

Add the mincemeat stale bread soaked and wrung out, a little salt, knead, make of tiny meatballs like nuts, put them in flour, fry them in oil and put them in a ladle of gravy that you put aside.

Cut the giblets into small pieces, taking care to remove the gall of livers, Cook in a little oil and mix to meatballs.

Boil three eggs, Peel boiled well, cut them into wedges and place them together to the rest.

Add fresh provola also cut into small cubes and the sausage cut in slices that you will share in half.

In the tomato sauce, Cook the rice, gradually adding ladles of hot water and then, halfway through the cooking, out of the fire, season it with the grated pecorino and a beaten egg.

When the rice is cold, oil of suet a wheel, sprinkle bread crumbs and sprinkle on rice, leaving four or five spoonfuls aside.

Pressing with spoon make sure that adheres well to the rice and the bottom wall, forming in the middle of an empty, like a box.

In this vacuum put the filling with all the sauce, with rice left aside, take the lid of the box, sprinkle the breadcrumbs, let them fall over some bow of lard and put in the oven, I turn to moderate heat, at least for half an hour.

Once the crust has formed, remove from the oven, let it sit, turn, wanting, I turn to draft the Saadat, who shall serve hot.


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