Rigatoni al sugo di coda vaccinara

Rigatoni al sugo di coda vaccinara
Rigatoni al sugo di coda vaccinara 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


4 tablespoons of olive oil to prepare a sauce with the fat of diced ham, parsley, Bay leaves, onion, carrot.

Add the tail cut into pieces and blanched, add salt, pepper and Brown floor, wetting with wine if necessary.

Add the tomato and continue cooking (lengthening if necessary with broth) until the meat starts to fall off the bone (a few hours).

Merged then the celery cooked in water and flour and, after another quarter of an hour, the sauce is ready.

Stir the sauce with rigatoni, cooked al dente and seasoned with Parmesan and grated pecorino.

Rigatoni al sugo di coda vaccinara

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Ingredients and dosing for 6 persons


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