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To make paella would be better to use the special Pan (paella, in Catalan) strongly flared edges flat, which now lies (with some effort) in Italy.

Failing that, okay a baking sheet of iron or steel.

Il coccio I tried it, but in the end it comes out another thing, type ' a la marinera arros ', but not a paella.

First you clean and cook the mussels (maybe a bit more, so you can prepare an appetizer muslos to la catalana), Hull (the most beautiful takes off one platform, will be used to seal), you put aside and seeps their cooking water, held by itself.

Ditto with prawns and scampi.

In a little water burn peas and peppers.

Held by their water.

You put a few tablespoons of olive oil in the Pan and Brown chicken is us, rabbit and sausage, adding after a few minutes the squid.

When it's all nicely browned, add the rice, you do well as a toasted risotto, then you add the cooking water mussels etc.

by volume equal to twice that of rice (I measure in cups) shelled mussels and prawns, peas, peppers into strips, saffron and salt.

It gives a nice mixed.

From this point on, rice no longer touched: it must absorb all the broth without being disturbed.

The liquid absorption speed can be adjusted depending on the cooking by raising or lowering the flame.

When the rice is cooked and the broth is absorbed, the paella is removed from heat, it decorates with scampi alternated to mussels with shells and a few pepper Strip and let stand for a few minutes away from the Bowl resting on a trivet.


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