Nastrini with peppers

Nastrini with peppers
Nastrini with peppers 5 1 Stefano Moraschini


Soak the mushrooms in two glasses of milk for about an hour.

Drain and squeeze well, gently FRY in a pan with two tablespoons of olive oil extra virgin olive and garlic clove poached (remove when cooked).

Add salt, pepper and add a teaspoon of vegetable, grain previously dissolved in 2 tablespoons water.


After that, pour a small glass of Brandy previously heated and flambé.

When cooked, put the chopped parsley.

Clean, wash and cut coarsely dice the red pepper, then FRY over high heat in a tablespoon of olive oil extra-virgin, season with salt and pepper.

Allow to cool two ingredients (mushrooms and bell pepper), put it in the mixer, adding a glass of cream and blend it all.

You have to get a sauce with the consistency of a cream.

Cook pasta in salted water, drain (keeping a few tablespoons of cooking water) and stir-fry together with the sauce.

If it is too thick, stir in the cooking water.

Nastrini with peppers

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